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Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Helping the Nature Spirits

By Andrew

I recently rediscovered the transcript of this interesting psychic reading which Rosemary gave me on February 19, 2005. I had asked whether I should continue my University studies. I had already completed all the subjects that deeply interested me, my reasons for enrolling in the course, but I needed more to get my degree.

Rosemary's Tarot cards indicated that to continue on just for the sake of finishing my degree would be spiritually and emotionally restrictive, whereas calling it quits would free up my energy to manifest the things I really wanted.

Rosemary then put her hand on her crystal ball and experienced incredible pain. She said the crystal ball was full of nature spirits leaping about and when it became clear that I didn’t need the academic writing and should quit uni – at which I yelled 'HOORAY, HOORAY, HOORAY!' – the nature spirits immediately began to dance around with joy. Rosemary saw a deep turquoise colour, indicating media communication and speaking from the heart. It’s time to get the message out there to heal the nature spirits. Jorell and Lady Faery are not the only non-fictional characters in the book. Many of the other nature spirits are also real. I was given true information in my meditations while writing Jorell.

Note: Jorell was officially launched in July, 2007

As I sat and started reading the tale of Jorell I felt as though I was in the forest with Tim. If you believe in something, magical or not, the story lets you believe in your heart that anything is possible: I believe we all have a part of Jorell in our hearts.
– Kim Edwards, Pottsville (March 2008)

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