In telling other people's stories, names have been changed to protect their privacy, except for a few who were willing to be identified.

Thursday, March 20, 2008

Talking to the Angels

Every time Jeanie put her infant daughter, Michaela, down on the changing table, she noticed that Michaela would be looking at something, and occasionally she felt that something passed through the flat they lived in. 'Whisked past,' she said, 'A light thing.'

Jeanie continues:

One day I put her down to change her and I saw her looking over my shoulder and nodding, and apparently understanding something. She was really young. It was like she was saying, 'Aha, mmm, OK' – like that. And then it was as if she said goodbye. Then she looked at me.

After that she didn't look over my shoulder again. She didn't look past me when I was changing her nappy; she didn't do any of that. I had this feeling that she'd said goodbye to the guides who had come with her and that she had received her last instructions.

Now I don't know why, but in my mind I thought of them as angels and Michaela was talking to them – and there were two. I couldn't prove it. That's just the feeling I had. It was like: There's something here, and she's talking to it.

When she was two, she was in bed and I think she was in trouble over something. I came out of her room, then a moment later I went back in and I saw her with that listening look again. It was as if she had finished listening to somebody who was talking. Then she turned round and looked at me and I said, 'Who were you talking to?' She said, 'Somebody.' Then I said, 'Were you talking to the angels?' and she said, 'Yes.'

The she turned back in the same direction and listened again and she gave a big sigh, and I distinctly picked up a sense that she felt it really was too hard. She didn't know that she should continue on, or whether it was worth going on. It was like she was finding this particular bit of life a little bit difficult. And the advice that she was getting was something like, she would have to make allowances because I was a mere human.

Then I asked her if she was sometimes needing support with bits of life, and she said yes. And I'd have to say that since then she's been a bit different, a bit more in the world, less trying to be good.

And conversations about angels seem to happen around Michaela.

The other thing is that, in conversations, Michaela is always present. My sense of some other children is that they are off in their own little world. If you ask them to do something, they may not hear you, or choose not to hear you, or don't participate in the conversation. Michaela is always there in the conversation if you are speaking with her. I find that quite super-normal. She is also incredibly cheerful. She will turn anything into a joke.

Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Clairvoyant and Clairaudient Children

At first our interviews were brief and tentative. Sometimes it was the parents of psychic children, rather than the children themselves, whom we interviewed. For instance, the first of these below, Simon, was a young man at University at the time we interviewed his mother and had no recollection of the details she remembered about him.

From an interview with his mother.

Every night at 10.40 pm exactly, Simon would talk in his sleep. This, in itself, was not unusual. What was unusual was that it always happened exactly at the same time. And he didn't talk in English. This phenomenon began when Simon was six years old and continued until he was 15 or 16.

Lena, his mother, said: 'You could time it. We'd say, "Oh it must be 10.40." '

She was never able to pick the language he spoke. It wasn't a language she recognised.

Lena would ask Simon who was the little friend he was chatting with, but Simon had no recollection of who it was or that he'd even had a conversation. Lena found it fascinating. The conversations even had pauses.

'He was obviously talking with some spirit person, either living or not living,' she said.

(We were excited, as we thought immediately of Andrew's son Duncan as a baby, apparently talking to an unseen audience in an unknown but coherent language.)

As far as her other two children were concerned, Lena was aware that they certainly had added perception.

'I didn't find that surprising because I've always thought you can look into a newborn baby's eyes and know that it was an old soul. You just know. And I knew that Simon had a wisdom about him.

'He's had uncanny perceptions. In his early teens, friends' parents would seek his advice and be captivated by his philosophies. They were well beyond me and well beyond most people.'

We interviewed Caroline in the presence of her parents, who thought her an especially blessed and gifted child to have such experiences.

Caroline was 14 when we talked to her. She told us that from age three she could see auras but she didn't know what the colours meant. She saw the auras all the time and wasn't able to switch them on and off. She saw mostly greens and purples and bright colours.

'If someone is feeling sick or is not well I get blacks and browns and greys. Sometimes they (the colours) flash and sometimes they stay there for a while. Sometimes they move.'

When Caroline was about six years old she used to have spirit children visit her. They came mostly at night and played with her. They looked just like other children.

At school there were problems.

'Sometimes it's difficult to see the board because I've got all these colours in front of me and I have to try and look past them.'

She never talked to the other children about what she saw.

From an interview with his mother, Eleanor.

Eleanor and her family were on holiday up in the mountains in Queensland when suddenly her son Danny saw this 'imaginary friend'. He called him Mollmug.

When Eleanor asked him, 'What does he do?' Danny said he hung around and helped with things and mainly gave advice. He said that Mollmug 'would do naughty things that I would love to do but can't, so I can do them through him, like sticking fingers up at people, putting skateboards into walls, jumping on electric wires'.

Eleanor said that Mollmug was around the whole time they were there. When they left, Danny said Mollmug had decided to stay and when the family go there to live they can be friends again.

'There was another time,' Eleanor said, 'When we were going through the Black Spur near Healesville. About two days later Danny told us: "I looked at your rear vision mirror and there was a nature deva there". He said she had a little pixie face and was five or six years old and she had feathers and little pixie fingers. He said she was really pretty.

'I said to him, "Why did she come?" and Danny said, "I don't know, she was just there."

'So I said, "You realise you can ask her?" and he said, "How? Go back there?"

' "No. Just sit quietly and go inside."

'He told me later: "She says her name is Sharlene and this is a beautiful planet. Please take care of it." '

Mollmug seemed to be like an aspect of Danny – probably the teenager, his mother thought. Danny said he
was green and elfish and looked like a guy from Drop Dead Fred (a movie) with a green suit and red hair.

© Andrew Wade and Rosemary Nissen-Wade 1993