In telling other people's stories, names have been changed to protect their privacy, except for a few who were willing to be identified.

Wednesday, April 29, 2009

The Spare Angel

In our interviews with psychic children, one was outstanding, even beyond the kinds of psychic experiences that we have been recounting here. It does touch on the existence of fairies, and also extraterrestrials, but is much more about the everyday life of angels, from one who knows.

We decided it belongs in Andrew's blog, The Magic of Life, which includes a series of "Extraordinary Interviews" (most of them with adults). This one is published as a direct transcript of our conversation with the little girl we refer to as "The Spare Angel" – who was matter-of-fact about experiences which are fascinating to us, normal for her. If you'd like to go and read it, here's the link. Believe me, you've never read anything quite like it before!