In telling other people's stories, names have been changed to protect their privacy, except for a few who were willing to be identified.

Monday, September 20, 2010

The Bonfire Fairy

In our previous post, we wrote of a young seer, Carleen. Later we interviewed Carleen's grandmother, B., who told us this story:

One Sunday, B. lit a bonfire to burn up all the rubbish in her back yard.  She was standing nearby to make sure it didn't get out of hand.  She stayed there till it got quite dark. As she was walking back through an area of the garden, she noticed a bright, white light that was floating from one part of the garden to another.  At first she thought it might be a spark from the fire, so she stopped and waited for it to go out.  Then she realised it was not red or gold but bright white, almost blue-white.  She was close to the house so she raced inside and got Carleen and took her downstairs.  

They spotted the light drifting out of the garden, and Carleen said, 'Oh come back, fairy! I'd really like to look at you closely.'  Instantaneously the light swung around and came towards them, growing larger as it did. Instead of being a little spark it became a circle, about two and a half centimetres in diameter.  It cruised across in front of them at eye level about 20 centimetres away.  It was a round, glowing silvery ball, with a glowing peach-coloured ball within it. It went back and forth in front of them a few times, then drifted out of the garden.  It hesitated near the wire fence into the paddock, then dived down and went under the wire.

Carleen was ecstatic.  When it was passing in front of their eyes, she said, 'Isn't that beautiful?  Just look at the wings.'  B. herself couldn't see wings, just the glowing ball of light.


Anonymous said...

What a fascinating blog. I would dearly love to connect with the little people, but like most I guess I do suffer from a degree of scepticism.

Andrew Wade and Rosemary Nissen-Wade said...

Oh, how remiss of me to only just find your comment! But we did have atrocious problems with internet access for a while.

Many thanks for reading and liking. We'll be posting more soon.

I think it is natural to be sceptical if you haven't had the experience. And better sceptical than gullible, I always think.


Anonymous said...

Believe people thay love you and protect you from the dark :-D