In telling other people's stories, names have been changed to protect their privacy, except for a few who were willing to be identified.

Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Fairy Companions

Catherine, a young American woman, communicated with Andrew by email after he asked for people with experience of faeries who were willing to tell their stories. This is the record of her replies to his interview questions:

1: How old were you when you first saw a faery?
I can't remember when it *started*, but from a very early age (2? 3?) I spoke to faeries. I remember seeing them as I got older, but they're more of a glimpse in the corner of my eye. I saw them typically in secluded places.. mostly gardens. I have always had an attraction to forests and gardens.. they've always seemed magickal to me. Other places I have noticed them are in old places.. like attics.. places that seem to hold memories.

2: How old are you now [1996] and are you still seeing them or did that stop and at what age?
I am 18 now. It's sporadic. I think it depends on how much I want to "see".. when I was younger, I conversed with them on a daily basis.. I believe that gave them the energy they needed to materialize. As I got older, and more interested in things like Wicca, they began to have a large impact on my life. (I think it has something to do with re-connecting with my "younger voice".. inner child through various mental exercises.)

3: What were the faeries like that you saw? How were they dressed? Were they small or tall? Or both?
The faeries were small. Dressed.. well, I'm not too sure. I do remember conversing with an Arabian faery.. I don't remember the name he had. He was very elaborately dressed.. and carried a sword. He was small (maybe 2'). Other faeries I saw (see) are more like.. reflections of light.

4: Were they garden faeries, earth faeries, water faeries?
Funny that you should ask that. As for my research into faeries, I have none. I only know what I believe, and what I have seen.

5: Did they communicate with you or you with them?
Yes, we spoke. Sometimes, I think they might have played tricks on me when I was younger. I don't remember them always being kindly.

6: Did you tell others what you had seen and what was their reaction?
I'm a pretty private person. I'm sure I told my parents about it.. but they thought I just had a great imagination! Other than that, I have never told people about them..

7: It's our experience in the research we have done that the people who are tuned into this other realm have often had some really traumatic event in their lives or had a terrible and lonely childhood. Is that so in your case?
Well, I can't say much for my teen years.. but my childhood was "normal". My parents weren't around much, and I am an only child.. but I have attended school since I was 2.5, and have always received a lot of attention. I don't remember ever viewing them as my friends.. more like companions along the way of my "daily adventures".

7: Have you any recollection of your conversations with the faeries? What kind of things did you talk about? Did they ask you questions? Were you conscious of their concern about pollution and what it is doing to them?
Recollections you ask for, hmm? Well.. all I can tell you is the Arabian faery (if that's what he was).. I used to play games with .. (kind of like pirate-games, like we were on a ship and had to fight off the attackers). I really don't remember specifics. As I said I was always drawn to gardens.. I love flowers.. and seeing things grow/thrive (esp. when they seem as if they don't have a chance). I also have a deep concern for the horrible state of affairs the world happens to be in now.. I don't know if it was from their influence. I do, somehow remember them teaching me about compassion.. but, again, it's very vague. The contact I feel I have with them now is more along the lines of just *knowing* they're there.. not so much that I know why.


annamarie jenema said...

whoa, love this site. i've always loved fairies, i'd wonder off into the foreast sometimes just to search for them. sometimes i still look for them.

Rosemary Nissen-Wade said...

Forgive me for only just finding your sweet comment. This site got neglected a while in the face of great life changes.